Metamorphic Technique

What is the Metamorphic Technique?

As the name suggests the Metamorphic Technique helps to bring about transformation and change. It involves the gentle massage of specific areas of the feet, hands and head, known as the spinal reflexes. We all have great potential but due to our environment, our conditioning and our everyday situations we can get ourselves stuck in particular energetic patterns, which prevent us from achieving this. The Metamorphic Technique enables us to break down these negative patterns allowing the client to let go of past issues and to move on with their lives. Many people are drawn to the technique because it allows them to deal with emotional issues and to make deep inner changes without having to discuss their problems or go into their past.

What happens in a session?

A typical session lasts for about an hour. The client sits in a comfortable chair or lies on a couch. The practitioner then massages specific areas of the feet and hands in turn and ends by gently massaging areas of the head. There is no need for the client to discuss their problems or symptoms and there is no case history taken but the client is very welcome to chat and talk if they wish.

What happens after a session?

A practitioner cannot predict what will happen after a session. Every person is unique and their experience of the Metamorphic Technique will be equally unique. People can feel relaxed or energized after a session. Sometimes people re-experience past symptoms for a day or two or can feel emotional. This is all part of the process of letting go of negative patterns and moving on with their lives.

Who responds well to the Metamorphic Technique?

Everybody can benefit. The technique can be practiced on anyone, including babies, children and pregnant mothers. 

How many treatments will I need?

It is entirely up to the client to decide the number and frequency of sessions. Some people prefer to have sessions every week, others when they feel the need.

How much does it cost?

£55 per session

Home visits (price on request)

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